“No matter how big or how small the labor organization nothing can compare to representing the needs and desires of those who go to a job for nearly a third of their lives and ask only for a small measure of dignity and safety as they toil to make the world a little bit better for all of society.”

Bob Walsh


For over the past century, we have donated our lives, through our union, to improving the everyday lives of the people who built the great city of New York. Not a day has gone by when we have not raised the standard of human existence as well as the operation of our trade.

When this local union was formed, the minimum wage and an 8-hour work day did not exist. Vacations and retirements were also unheard of except for the extremely wealthy. In fact, unions were not even legal until 1936 and in the early 1900s the government sought to break up unions as violators on the anti-trust laws.

Yes, we have come a long way. An Iron Worker is safer on the job than ever before. Wages and benefits provided by fair contractors enable our families to live a decent life and provide their children with a promising future. We are proud of what we have done with our union and our relationships with fair employers.

However, we recognize that our work is not done. Every day we have to educate the next generation about the value of trade unions. Everyday there are uninformed forces who would destroy what we have built together. We thank you for all the support you have shown us in the past and we look forward to a glorious future.


Territorial jurisdiction of Local 40 Westchester, Bronx, Manhattan and Richmond Counties as well as all of the islands within the East River, New York Harbor and the lower Long Island Sound including but not limited to Rikers Island, Hart Island and David’s Island.


Business Manager
Financial Secretary/Treasurer
Robert Walsh

Business Agent

Daniel Doyle

Recording Secretary
Business Representative

Christopher Walsh

Vice President
Warren Allen

Executive Board
Lawrence Barnett
Bryan Brady II
Christopher Bruckner
Stephen Dawson
Robert Johnson, Jr.

John "Jack" Costello Jr.
Edward Scannell
Steven Kennedy

Examining Board
Barry Collins
John Collins
Michael Emerson

Gene Flood

Sergeant At Arms
Corbett Melfi